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Welcome to The Harris Story!
I am Hallie, mama bear of The Harris Clan, and creator of this creative little space and these are my peeps.

Some of you maybe new here, and some of you may know me from my "Glory Days"......
You see, I used to be a "twenty something", fashion focused, lifestyle blogger, but in 2015, I welcomed a sweet baby boy in to the world and became a mom for the first time. After I had my son, my entire being changed. My mind, my body, my outlook. Life:Oceanside took a big back seat to this change, and soon was dismissed from my new life all together.

Blogging has always been my "thing" it has always been my deepest love and my biggest passion. It has always been something that is MINE. Since, we all know, when you are a mom, nothing really is yours anymore...but writing...that is just my niche.

The Harris Story isn't a blog full of fancy pictures and pin-able cooking recipes. I am a mom of two learning the ins and outs of motherhood with humor and lots of coffee. I am a total Joanna Gaines fan girl/wannabe, except have no idea how to cook and if I do post a chocolate chip cookie recipe, please remember there were at least 2 failed attempts that followed that perfectly edited picture. You can head over to my instagram and find tons of pictures featuring my 3 day old unwashed hair and workout clothes as I chase my 5 and 1 year old around like my hair is on fire.

I am candid, I am real, and I write to share my journey.
I write to relate to my readers.
I write to be true to myself.
and I write to make a difference.

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